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I'm here to help you work through life challenges, change unwanted patterns, and build your relationship skills toolbox.


                                          often want support in the Healing➡️Growth➡️Transformation process, unique to their own life circumstance.

I work with them through a RELATIONAL LENS, teaching them to slow down and rebuild their foundation with self-love and acceptance.

Our sessions consist of time spent on achieving your coaching goals, recognizing patterns, reframing thoughts, and cultivating questions around the human experience.

my clients


"My favorite thing about working with Damien is feeling supported, being held accountable, and exploring some of my own reasoning, motivations, and the whys of my parenting style."


"Damien takes time to understand his clients to help them regain their confidence within themselves. He also maintains a safe space in order for the client to truly work on themselves! I cannot thank Damien enough for being an excellent coach!!!”


"Damien has a unique ability to ask probing and meaningful questions that causes one to pause, consider, and reflect on why something may or may not be happening. He is encouraging, insightful, and genuine."




I got into this business because I love working with people and supporting them through their desire for relational change and growth.  I am a teacher by training (Masters in Elem. Education), but a student by nature.  Nearly five years ago I became obsessed with how people act and communicate in relationships.  The cause was the deterioration of my own marriage.  I learned a lot through the 18 months of conflict, hurt, and misunderstanding.  We both lacked relationships skills and in the end sought divorce.  I now share 50% custody of my son, 4 years old.

While Coaching is my passion, my full-time work is in local food as an Organic Farmer and as the Executive Director for the Farmers Market in my community.  This year (2024) I'm starting a plant nursery with 1000s of little cuttings.  My own post-divorce healing centers around working in the dirt.

As your Coach it is my role to come together with you to support your building of new ways of being.  Coaching invites you to begin your own journey of learning to discover how to achieve more of what you want in life.  Learn to change the way you think, work through the tough stuff, and open up to a greater level of self-awareness.


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