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I am a successful decade long small business entrepreneur, who fell in love with the 'why' and 'how' about people and their relationships after my 2019 marital rupture.  The tragic event cracked open the seed to my new relational journey. 

I became a Life & Relationship Coach through Lumia (formerly JRNI Coaching) in 2021 seeking to learn about the depths of myself in relationships from my many roles throughout life.  Now as a single divorced Dad to a beautiful four year-old boy my obsession to relationally understand, learn, and grow has become my life's passion.

Coaching to me holds up a mirror to what is happening in your life, helps you make difficult decisions with clarity, and completely shifts how you get through stuckness (addressing the little voice inside your head holding you back from the future you).  Working together I empower clients to build a better version of themselves.


I currently split my time between being a dad, a coach, and operating my small business. 

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