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Another Year of Stories

I woke up this morning after an extended night of sleep. Yes, New Year’s Eve is not a celebration for this man. I have fallen asleep well before midnight many a nights, partnered or not. It feels amazing to me.

I cathartically washed the dishes in the blurred light from the kitchen window on this overcast morning. Clean dishes make me feel good. The process also invites a time for reflection, to get in my head and let it go where it wants. Albeit, self-imposed I felt the pressure of a New Year, New Life. What was 2023 going to be filled with?

I have been working ardently to get my life & relationship coaching business up and running. The business is in its infancy. I stress some about it, but I relax knowing that I have built businesses from scratch before. Success comes with time, dedication, a quality product/service, and passion. Check. Check. Check. I have all of those in alignment.

One thing I have been struggling with though has been how to present my services? What type of coach am I? So while standing there at the sink, in my underwear and a t-shirt, I had an A’ha Moment!

I've listened to a good number of podcasts as the new year approached. Many discussed what beneficial things one could do instead of making resolutions, as studies have shown they rarely get fulfilled. "What makes sense to me?" I asked myself.

With a soaped sponge in hand I thought, “Whoa, 2022 has been another year of so many stories…..of all kinds…..most of them, not specifically predictable.” I recounted several in my mind, a few not so happy ones. I chuckled. “Yep, 2023 was going to be Another Year of Stories.” Ah, that felt good and very doable.

In the lightness I became ready to proceed into 2023 with grace and bravery. "Continue to connect with yourself and clients through stories." I told myself. "Help your clients recount, learn from, grow from, shift messages, and find acceptance and power from...and in...their stories."

Interested in diving into your new ways of being, let’s talk.

Many Blessings,



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