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Just Try It On

I had a good friend, who works in HR for a multinational company, tell me last month. “You know Damien, you could really get a great job working HR for a big company with your people skills.” I said thanks, but we both knew that the likelihood of me ever choosing such a profession is slim.

You see, I’m an entrepreneur and the natural progression of my career path is less than linear and completely passion-oriented and relationally-driven.

From my college education, I’ve studied business, construction engineering, humanities, and education. I have had more classes that have nothing to do with one another than most people.

I was the only one in my graduate school cohort to present an inspiring thesis on how to bring creativity into a math classroom and upon completion, beam with pride, let out a big sigh of relief, and congratulate all my fellow members on becoming teachers only to say, “I don’t think teaching is for me though.”

That led me to realize that in my mid-20s what I craved out of my job was ownership and life balance. Thus I wanted to become self-employed. Just like my Dad. If you haven’t read the children’s book by David Melling I recommend it. It’s in our home library. All those years watching my Dad run his own business conditioned me, unconsciously, to want to do the same. Damn I wish he would have just suggested I do that many years earlier.

Thanks Dad for leaving such a lasting imprint on me.

I choose probably the least likely entrepreneurial industry you can ever imagine…..small-scale organic vegetable farming. Yes, Damien Appel, your trusted and respected Life & Relationship Coach learned all about small business, working the earth, falling in love, achieving his dreams, building relationships in community, and how to survive when life implodes all while being know as “My Favorite Lettuce Farmer” to my community of customers.

As I draft this post I’m in my Home Office, overlooking my backyard and woods beyond. The birds are frequenting the feeders. Today the wind is howling through the bare openness. I can see the dormant stacks of oak logs from which I cultivate shiitake mushrooms during the warm months. It’s peaceful. And I wouldn’t trade a high stress HR job for any amount of money. It’s just not me.

I have three reasons for telling you this story.

  1. My friend is right. My relational understanding, inquisitive questioning, and gentle conversation skills have blossomed due to coach training with Lumia and to simply learning to be a better relater in my own relationships. It makes me very good at what I do as a Coach.

  1. In the decade of selling vegetables to customers from all walks of life I have learned to relate to everyone. I have learned to connect with anyone. From babies to the elderly. From a customer using EBT to one who drives a Tesla. To me, every person matters. Every client matters. What I Coach is you, the person! Yes, I focus on my specialties: Relationships, Parenting, Personal Growth, & Goal Achievement. Yet, life is so intertwined that under the root of whatever other issue you think is what you need to address with coaching, there lies a connection back to how your relationships and/or parent(s)(ing) is affecting the situation. I’d love to explore whatever topic you’d like to bring to session. Let's talk about it.

  1. Finally, I’m at the end of this post and now get to tie in the title Just Try It On! My life has been and will continue to be the constant evolution of my passions and my relationships. Wherever life takes me, I readily accept the uncomfortable feeling to Just Try It On. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! (Plug to How I Meet Your Mother)

If you have the agency to make change in your life…GET READY, LET’S GROW!


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